School bus tracking and transportation information for Clark County School District families.
Download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and give us your feedback. We value your input and look forward to making CCSD Onboard #1 for kids!
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Currently, a third-party service provides the GPS information for the buses. Location information is sent to us in timed intervals for each vehicle. The intervals are generally between 1-3 minutes. Our provider controls the rate at which we recieve data, unfortunately we are unable to modify it. We are continuing to explore additional options for GPS data.

At times the system cannot find which driver/bus are covering which route at a certain time. This could be because information in our systems isn’t up to date. For example, a driver may not have been assigned to cover for a sick driver’s route in our system yet. The Transportation department personnel try to keep the systems up to date, but there may be delays.

We will continue to improve our technology and methods so the app can deliver a higher percentage of consistent live bus data coverage. We apologize for any inconveniences and appreciate the patience and feedback of all parents as we continue to improve.

Currently, the map shows the next upcoming or the current trip. For example, an hour after the AM route is finished, you will see the PM route. An hour after the PM route, you will see the next AM one.

We will soon be adding a feature allowing you to select either the AM or PM route on the map at will. Currently, you can also see the information for both routes but pressing the Info button on the student’s information on the dashboard.

This is the time that the bus was at the shown location.

Other stops on a route are visible. Without this feature, parents might question why a bus is taking an unusual path, instead of coming directly to their house. However, the other stops that are on a student’s route show as large circles covering about 240 meters in diameter. The address does not lie at the center of the circle; the app only receives an approximate location, covering the area of dozens of houses. The exact location or address of these stops are not given to others.

We value the privacy of students and parents and welcome further feedback on this item. We will continue to assess this feature.

It is generally best to call for urgent or time-sensitive requests. Moreover, any requests to change transportation should always be done over the phone. Feedback exists primarily to help us fix technical problems, correct minor incorrect information, and receive suggestions. It is not advisable to use it for actionable requests, as the feedback goes primarily to the IT team.

At times, we understand that parents may be disappointed with different aspects of the app, especially when features do not seem to work. The IT team of Transportation is very small, but we are fully committed to doing our best to meet the needs of students and parents continually. We appreciate your patience, honest feedback, and constructive criticism as we work together towards building a tool that will be beneficial for all of CCSD.