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View live late bus information provided by the Transportation Department

View and print transportation information for your school’s students and routes.

School Compass Info

School Compass access is restricted with a unique username and password combination. Every school has been issued a login and access is available to any School’s office personnel upon request. Just contact the Transportation Information Technology Department at 702 799-8100 x4716, or 4+ dial 0389-4716.

Below is a link to a training video for SCHOOL COMPASS.

School Compass Training



TransP Forms

These Transportation forms replace the forms in Interact. 

Please click on a link below, log in with your Active Directory username and password (same one you use for your workstation or Gmail) to access the forms.

TransP-1 Specialize Transportation Form

TransP-8 After-School Transportation Request

TransP-14 Request for Community-Based Instructional Shuttles

Trips & Events

Transportation Trips and Events video in High Resolution:  (One does not get an ELMS credit for viewing.) Click to Watch

What do I need to request access to SAP Trips and Events? 

Since Trips and Event module is in SAP, one needs to first obtain access to SAP and then get access to the Trips and Events module. 

In order to get access to SAP depends on whether one is an Administrator or not an Administrator and it is this criteria that will determine which video one MUST watch to get SAP access.

The second part is to get access to the Trip and Events Module.  Everyone must watch the Transportation Trips and Events video in ELMS to get access to the Trips and Events module in SAP.

Please review our SAP Trip Request Guide for further assistance.

Trip pricing and other information

fleet services


transportation contact list

Here you can find all the contact info for employees' of CCSD Transportation.

trip request (out of district)

You can access the Trip Request Form here.