Public Transit for Students

The Clark County School District and Regional Transportation Commission have partnered to provide transportation services for select high school students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ride On is a partnership between the Clark County School District and Regional Transportation Commission to provide transportation services to and from school for select high school students using the RTC Transit system. The objective of this collaboration is to provide safe and timely transportation service integrating the use of both the District and public transit system.

The following schools are currently using RideOn for eligible students.


Bonanza HS

Chaparral HS 

Cheyenne HS

Cimarron-Memorial HS 

Clark HS 

Del Sol HS 

Desert Oasis HS* 

Durango HS

Green Valley HS

Las Vegas HS

Liberty HS*

Spring Valley HS

Sunrise Mountain HS

Valley HS

Western HS

*Eligible students will use the OnDemand RTC service at these schools. 

Schools with RTC bus stops close by and frequent RTC transit routes (every 15-30 minutes) were selected.

Not all students attending the school are eligible for the RideOn program. Eligibility is based on the frequency of nearby transit routes, the proximity to the students’ residences, and in selected areas where CCSD transportation is no longer available. Please call CCSD Transportation at (702)799-8100  or complete the Google Form  to verify eligibility.

No. Monthly bus passes will be renewed for eligible students by the CCSD Transportation Department.

Students who do not have a cellular device will receive a hard copy of the bus pass.

Bus passes will be renewed on the rideRTC app every month through the end of May 2022. 

If you do not have a cellular device, paper passes will be distributed at the school at the end of each month.

The rideRTC app assists with finding the bus and planning the ride. Schedules and maps can also be found on the RTC website at

Users can receive text and email alerts to get real-time schedule information.

Bus passes must be used primarily for transportation to and from school. RTC offers more access to the community than a school bus.In addition to school transportation, bus passes can provide the freedom and flexibility of traveling to other destinations free of charge, such as an after school job and on the weekends for access to the community. Passes that are not being used primarily for transportation to and from school will be deactivated.

Students will be eligible to begin using RTC services on Monday, October 11, 2021.

The health and well-being of students will have the same priority as District operated vehicles.  All passengers are expected to adhere to the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) face covering requirement while traveling on buses or waiting at transit facilities. RTC has  increased cleaning protocols for all buses and facilities; ion air cleaners; micro-bacterial seat shields; and live, up-to-the-minute bus crowding information on the rideRTC app.

All RTC buses are equipped with 12 high-resolution cameras with a live look-in feature, allowing RTC staff and law enforcement to see what is happening on a bus in real time. More than 200 officers patrol RTC stops, shelters, buses, and transit centers. Officers are outfitted with location beacons in order to respond  to any reported incidents immediately.